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Here is a portion of that statement posted on the CLC website.

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CLC is hosting The Gospel Work conference next month, and Dever is one of the speakers.

The T4G Live II album was produced by SGM and recently featured on their website (link).

I have also been concerned with his appearances at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He will be returning to speak at the 20/20 Collegiate Conference to be held at SEBTS in February. Mahaney to Al Mohler and Ligon Duncan, has been fascinating to observe, particularly his fence straddling.

It basically comes down to the criticism, ‘I don’t like that.’” In hindsight, it is extremely telling that Mohler, president of the SBC's flagship seminary, supports SGM's "highly centralized leadership structure in its churches, with 'very strong pastoral direction' and internal discipline", while CLC pastors have such serious differences with SGM leadership that it caused a permanent rift.

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