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The finale wraps up with a revelation that Colby was actually a double agent for the Chinese.

Noticeable changes from previous seasons include the removal of the opening credit sequence (credits are now done during the first segment of the show), the absence of Peter Mac Nicol's character for much of the season, and the absence of Diane Farr's character for a few episodes.

Season One was a half-season, producing only 13 episodes.

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The Barry Schindel Company Post 109 Scott Free Productions Paramount Network Television (2005–2006) (Seasons 1-2) CBS Paramount Network Television (2006–2009) (Seasons 3-5) CBS Television Studios (2009–2010) (Season 6) Numbers (stylized NUMB3RS) is an American crime drama television series that ran on CBS from January 23, 2005, to March 12, 2010.

Alan suddenly finds himself coaching Cal Sci's basketball team. DARPA tries to recruit Charlie, but he turns down their offer.

Toward the end of the season, Don is stabbed, and Charlie blames himself for it.

Charlie sees Don's therapist and the two understand one another more.