Skyrim dating or not

I know I would have lot more concern for my follower if it was my grown son/daughter.

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After the marriage she was so emotion - and lifeless, that I decided to load an old save game. I suppose the downfalls would be a potential moral outcry because I suppose it would allow you to harm a pregnant woman, as well as no actual baby model, it would have to be made from scratch, or start out at 10 or 11.

Interesting thought though, raising a family makes for interesting RP.

Edit: Perversions aren't clearly defined any more, and as a suggestion, you should probably not use the term as a label in this context. I am looking forward to a male companion/spouse to romance. At the moment, Gabby acts pretty much like any other follower you can marry once her quest is done.

But the game is still new and the CK has all new scripting language which I am sure does not help speed things along, do not worry I am sure there will be dozens of females to romance soon.*kicks the CK* Work dang it. I am looking forward to a male companion/spouse to romance. We do indeed want to expand the romance, but we can only say it will be released when it'll be done.

This mod makes no difference between vanilla NPCs and custom NPCs, whether marriable or not! This journal may already have the answer to your question.