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He didn’t listen, and instead leapt up and grinned wickedly at Remus, “Moony!I thought we decided we weren’t going to tell everyone just yet!

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His eyes caught on the round and short dark hair, and he tried to hide the surprise in his voice, “Richard. ” Richard Stubbins stepped out of the shadows and raised his eyes to meet Remus’ gaze, “I wanted to talk.” Remus cleared his throat, “So you…

followed me to the library and waited for two hours for me to leave? You’ve been going to the library every night recently, and I figured out the time that you come back.

The castle was quiet as Remus walked back from the library.

He’d stayed for two extra hours after closing time for everyone else, having told Madam Pince that he needed to catch up on work that he’d missed the week before.

“I know what I felt, Remus,” He whispered, “It was more than that, and you felt it too. Slowly, his eyes sought out Sirius, who seemed to be considering what the werewolf had just said.