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I really liked this woman and it was evident she enjoyed my company as well but as time went on it was obvious that I wasn’t the only woman she was spending time with. She didn’t do not a thing wrong since everyone has different rules to dating so it’s best to have clear boundaries and fully express what you both expect from each other. Don’t introduce a partner or girlfriend as a friend.

She didn’t want anything serious and simply thought she was having fun while I assumed since we were having “sleepovers” and spending quality time together this meant we were progressing towards something more serious. This of course applies if you’re both out and in a serious relationship.

Dance your butt off, booze it up, and have a good time. I’m not saying don’t merge once you’ve solidified a strong relationship but do so at a decent rate.

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Don’t go catching feelings for someone you’re just having something casual with, chances are they’re just in it for the sex. You don’t have to explain or defend your relationship to anyone.

Us in same sex partnerships will have our fair share of naysayers and haters.

It’s equally confusing and hard to navigate for us same gender loving folks. I was once hanging out with this soon to be doctor back in 2011.

Some of the things listed below are personal experiences while others I’ve been witness to thanks to my lesbian friends. She was beautiful, intelligent, and had a cool personality but as things progressed something just didn’t feel right.

It wasn’t until I was the one who was cheated on that I realized the pain I had caused. If you have multiple sources saying your partner or lover is cheating, then they’re definitely cheating!