Sim dating games festival days who is tatu baby dating

The main objective is to get a boyfriend before the school festival that will start in 30 days.Flirt and date up to 4 handsome boys who each have their own unique personalities. After the boys start to like you, they will give you gifts.

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"Mako may be bland and dense, but his curiosity keeps him opening up to new people and things.

There are times when he has his regrets, though." He can be found in the Park.

When Mako mentions that he can't remember who he gave his soccer ball to, talk to Kaoru to get it back.

Note: If the player is using cheats and gave themselves items, when following these steps, they might not be able to ask Kaoru for the ball.

Explore a world with an interactive storyline and colorful characters." This is the first game where the player's name can be changed and an astrological sign can be picked.