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“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, whether that’s going online, using a matchmaker, signing up for singles events or asking your friends to play matchmaker; be open to love.” Charly Lester, the CEO of The Dating Awards and fab new dating app, Spex, recommends getting active on your dates.

“If you go to a pub or a bar, you usually end up sitting opposite your date and it can feel a bit like an interview, whereas if you get out and about with them on an active date, there tends to be loads of things happening that you can talk about, you’ll probably end up sitting or standing next to them rather than opposite them, so it’ll be a lot less intimidating and more importantly, you’ll probably end up having a good laugh together.

I loved his one piece of dating advice and recommend it to people all the time. Everyone wants to meet someone interesting but they don’t necessarily want to hold the mirror up to themselves.

He said, If all you’ve done over the last month is watch Netflix and chill then you’re not going to have a lot to talk about on dates. Are you embracing life, learning new lessons and trying new things?

OK, on our first date, where would you take me and how would you try to impress me?