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’Tis the season for mulled wine and ski masks and another round of quick and dirty advice. So pull on those winter booties and flannel onesies as we solve some wintry dilemmas (quickly and dirtily).

A man who's interested in a woman won’t play it cool, he’ll immediately go in for the seduction and ask her on a date. Dating In The UKWhile the North American dating scene is often weighed down by political correctness, the Brits are often more comfortable making fun of each other (and themselves) and talking openly about political issues. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the North American dating scene, Spaniards take the time to make eye contact (which you can’t do if you’re always staring at your smartphone! Dating In France From politics to life questions, the French are genuinely curious about life and the person next to them.

They have mastered the lost art of compelling, intelligent and informed conversation, which is integral to the art of seduction itself.6.

It is important for your matches to know what they are going to see on a date with you.

What you don’t want to do is to play it up for these photos.

Check out the following six dating tips brought to you by Marina Iakovleva, creator of the Dating Beyond Borders web series, which focuses on dating tips and trends from around the world:1. Since much of the population has little or no access to social media, they utilize traditional forms of communication — that means phone calls and hand-written letters instead of “Sup? Dating In Argentina Seduction and spontaneity are the norm here. They take a longer time to enjoy the finer things in life — food, wine, the company of friends.