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By 2006, Scott Storch was positioned to take over the hip-hop club scene. Unfortunately, his cocaine habit was starting to catch up with him, leading him to awful choices like dating Paris Hilton and producing her debut album.

He worked repeatedly with Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, Lil Kim, and T. In August 2006, Storch took what was planned to be a month-long vacation in Hollywood.

Aaron's really, really nice and he's a really cool guy. By the way, you guys are the blondest family I've ever seen in my life! When you say it gets released digitally in September, is that through i Tunes? So he came to your house to try to take you out? " He said, "You have to tell Brooke that your brother David loves her father so much." So I had to tell you that. Brooke Hogan: On i Tunes on September 26th you can buy the album. Is there going to be heavy dance performance in your music videos? Unless it's a ballad, I'm definitely going to be dancing (laughs)! The girl that choreographed it, her name is High Hat, and she did all of Missy Elliot's and Sierra's videos. How did you hook up with super producer, Scott Storch, and with Paul Wall? I was in The Hit Factory in Miami and we were recording, and Paul Wall was in the studio next door to us. So I was talking to everybody else, being totally star struck. Meanwhile Paul Wall and my dad are talking about wrestling and laughing and stuff and Scott Storch was in there on the beat for "About Us." Paul was like, "Man, who is this singing, and what is this song? " And my dad says, "That's my daughter." So he goes, "No kidding! " (laughs) So he started writing the song on his sidekick, and when I walked back in to record again, Paul Wall was recording in the booth, on my song. I believe that I raised you the right way, and you can do whatever you want now." I kind of looked at him like, "What?! I read something really funny, so I have to ask you about it… that your dad threw Aaron Carter (brother of Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, and star of the E! Nick's (Brooke's brother) the only one who doesn't touch his hair. We did half of high school because right in the middle of high school is when our careers started taking off.