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Additionally many of my clients are not single and instead find themselves struggling inside rocky relationships, some romantic, others friendship, work-related, and family as well. Some woman peek into their future and having not had success in relationships, they fear they’ll be alone for the rest of their lives.

Some dread dating and understand I have ideas to make it not only possible, but fun.

Sally went on forty-six first dates in six months with a wide array of quality men, and contrary to the avalanche of dreadful and life sapping dating stories she had heard about and partly expected, she had a ball.

Sally knows how to help clients love themselves, she guides self awareness, she crafts a process where women can genuinely define what they’re looking for in a mate, but most importantly, she preaches that the dating moment and journey have to be fun.

Many want to understand themselves better, become aware of how their words and actions land, and to learn to take responsibility for their participation in relationships…..instead of living in a world blame.