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When you imagine your dream job, you likely assess what you've chosen in the past in order to gain a better idea of what you need in the future.It's time for you to put the same care and preparation into your personal life and figure out what you want next by creating your 'love résumé.' This trip down memory lane may not be completely pleasant, but cataloging your past relationships is a necessary step toward finding the right love for you. Even if it was only a short relationship, feel free to add it on -- especially if your dating pattern has been a series of short, intense relationships.Hopefully you'll have some good memories to go along with the more painful ones. Forget the kid in the third grade who kissed you under the jungle gym. If you had a two-week affair and consider that person the love of your life, who else but you would know? No one else will see this, so check your ego at the door and write the truth Column 1: Write the names of each of your loves. Column 4: Write down which one of you ended things.

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Again, write down the first three to six descriptive words that come to mind. Column 5: Take time and think about the personalities of each of your loves. You'll recognize past mistakes, particularly the repeated ones.

Did their personality resemble either of your parents' personalities? Do you have a story that explains your making the same poor choices over and over?

That's good, but don't get too melancholy or immediately start looking up old lovers.

There's usually a reason a relationship didn't work, and the truth is that when you do the work required to find the person that's a good match for you, the new reality is much better than the old ever was. Even if you ended most of the relationships on your list, there will often be at least one where someone dumped you.

When your partner is dissatisfied, you almost always know -- even if you're not fully admitting it to yourself.