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They may reduce patient dropout due to discomfort even during allergy season, Dr.

The first prototype will be available by late 2016, says E-Vision.• Google and Alcon’s ‘smart’ lenses.

The two companies are partnering to develop a lens that incorporates embedded sensors, microchips and other miniaturized electronics.

However, other promising designs are making their way through the pipeline:• Tetraflex (Lenstec).

This flexible, non-hinged, single-optic IOL features closed-loop haptics angled anteriorly 10°, causing the optic to flex and change curvature with accommodation.

“Many presbyopes are interested in occasional contact lens wear, for which daily disposable lenses are an ideal option,” says Thomas G. He explains that aspheric optics and reverse geometry in hybrid multifocal lenses allow for an extended range of functional vision, while the ultra-stable nature of scleral lenses provides options for patients with residual cylinder through the concurrent provision of multifocal optics with front toric corrections.