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You might be surprised how easy it is to launch a business as a flea market vendor.

While you probably won’t get rich, it’s a surprisingly fun way to make some extra cash on the weekend. With all the ways to make money while in college, why not try one that lets you study at the same time?

🙂 Apply Here for Hell’s Kitchen, Apply Here for Master Chef This mom wanted to support her children’s ambitions -- and her corporate job was getting in the way.

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Somewhere out there is an industry where a person can be compensated for marrying a stranger, voting someone off the island, race across the globe or undergo extreme plastic surgery. Reality TV is an alternate universe where people who should never receive a recording contract, receive recording contracts.

These shows have been giving ordinary people their fifteen minutes of fame for over a decade.

For 13 seasons, those with at least 85 pounds to shed have reduced their round figures for TV audiences.

This coming 14 season could be your big shot to lose big.

Whereas in scripted casting, you have people clamoring to come see you and then you sit in a room all day and watch them read lines, in reality casting we go out and find these people.