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How refreshing to have a drama built entirely around the sweet, realistic development of a modern romance between two professional adults, while cutting out the aggravation, angst, and filler that often pad out a drama’s running time. I wish they’d given it more production value, because the content was a breath of fresh air.

The relationships that spring up between the five housemates are fresh, winsome, and complicated in a nicely satisfying way.

By all accounts this should have been a disaster, but the sum of its parts is better than you’d think—you’ll be screaming at your screen while reaching for the next episode.

(8 / 5) –GFIt’s the classic Candy Cinderella tale laced with just enough makjang elements to make it addictive.

Pacing was sluggish, the characters frustratingly dislikable. (3 / 3) Low-key on conflict, but plenty of cute comic hijinks amongst an appealing mix of characters without any bad guys.

Main couple is sweet, but it’s really the ex-girlfriends with strong personalities who add the pep and zing.

(6 / 7) A heartwarming depiction of a quirky microcosm populated by lovably eccentric characters, all going through stories of personal struggle and growth in the high-pressure, academy-filled environment of Noryangjin. (8 / 8) This craptastic show is tons of fun to mock, with amazingly bad directing and laughable dissonance between intent and execution. (4 / 3)Was it lazy, trying to ride Season 1’s coattails, or was it overambitious, trying to be everything and ending up with idol/dance-off/rivalry/romance hodgepodge? (5 / 4)Epic, sweeping backstory that broke my heart.