Rainie yang and kingone dating

rainie yang and kingone dating-34

they are not really brother and sister so there are a lot of opportunities for that relationship to evolve into something else... But of cos if she kiss someone she had crush on of cos her heartbeat will go haywire, she'll giggle and jumping up and down like some lunatic..... He's a good guy, but just because of love, he's hurt.

And the way she's drooling at him offscreen and promo made me convert from RM supporter to Kingone-Rainie supporter.... it's fun to see cheng lin with kingone, cause she is always look comfortable with him waaahhhhhhhhhhhh!! I understand you can't force love & it's ironic but sometimes it's really injuste & unfair.

Kingone visited Cheng lin on set of BLXH ( all other casts and directors) and he was reportedly the first person she called when she was in the hospital Ginying--hahaha, are you freaken serious with me?!?!?

Awww, that's so cute that King One would visit Rainie on the set of "The Bad Campus Belle" hehee.

And seriously Rainie is so cute to resist lol I luve how they do all the weird positions together like kidz I really hope they have a chance to act together again.