Radiometric dating dictionary

in the meantime i am 46 (in two days) and i still live! i had also many times the wish to make suicide, but this is the worst solution. See also appendix of Diagnosis-Related Groups.1 identification of a disease or condition by a scientific evaluation of physical signs, symptoms, history, laboratory test results, and procedures.

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If a patient's hospital bill should total less than the amount paid by Medicare, the hospital is allowed to keep the difference.

If, however, a patient's bill is more than that reimbursed by Medicare for a specific diagnosis, the hospital must absorb the difference in cost.

Decision-making The process of determining, through examination and analysis, the nature of a Pt's illness; the process of identifying a disease by signs and symptoms; the label for a particular condition.

See Computer-assisted diagnosis, Differential diagnosis, Deferred diagnosis, Definitive diagnosis, Direct diagnosis, Electrodiagnosis, Indirect diagnosis, Leading diagnosis, Misdiagnosis, Primary diagnosis, Secondary diagnosis, Wastebasket diagnosis, Working diagnosis.

From the Greek dia , through, and gnoskein , to perceive.n the identification of an illness or condition through evaluation and examination.

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