Rachel ray dating

The Food Network star is dating Shane Farley — who she met back in 2013 when he was in talks of running her show with Bobby Flay.

With a background as a producer on , Farley is currently the executive producer of Tyra Banks' new daytime talk show, Fab Life. Related: Giada Opens Up About A New Man In Her Life! Carter was performing last night at a place called the Looney Bin in Bradley, Illinois when the night's opening act -- an artist called ILL State -- walked through the audience and started grabbing people's phones to shoot video.

Sure the music is absolutely AH-Mazing — what did you expect?

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On Tuesday, the TV chef attended the Health Corps 10th Annual Garden Gala in New York City where she reveals the two of them exchanged gifts during the scandal! But the BIG questions — besides confusion at a certain person trying to upstage the special — revolve around Rachel Roy, allegedly 'Becky with the good hair.' Related: No Tidal, No Problem! Well as much as everybody may be buying into the controversy set off between the superstar and the designer over Jay Z, Wendy is NOT playing that… On over the weekend, and the Beyhive was FREAKING out!

Fifteen years ago today, our world changed forever when the September 11 terror attacks shocked everyone and claimed the lives of thousands of people in New York, Washington, D. Related: Hillary Clinton 'Overheated,' Leaves 9/11 Memorial Early As you'd expect — and as you, yourself, are probably feeling too — it doesn't get any easier or less painful to re-live the memories 15 years later.

Celebs of all stripes took to Twitter on Sunday morning to remember those lives lost on that fateful day in 2001, and share their messages of hope, grief, sadness, and more (below): If you can't stand the heat…

Maddow, who splits her time between New York and Western Massachusetts with partner Susan Mikula, talks to the magazine about her relationship, her cooking skills, and why she and Mikula don't have a TV."It was very 'Desperate Housewives,'" the MSNBC host joked.