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What helps sort out her intentions is where else she’s looking. If you start noticing her eyes are wandering to your lips or arms or other body parts, that’s a safe sign to mentally give yourself a Top Gun high five.

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I don’t care how many excuses she’s giving you such as, I have to drive soon! Oh, I know why…because she’s not interested enough! She’s not going to bluntly admit she isn’t attracted to you or your signs don’t mesh well, which is why you should notice this gesture to save your time and money.

Don’t fall for excuses, end the date as quickly (and casually) as you can.

We have arrived at the most important factor in figuring us out: the follow-through.

This question is so significant it almost trumps the other four if not executed.

This is because there are now expectations and assumptions coming into play. If you’re sensing a bit of distance following an exciting first date, this is probably why.