Puerto rican dating dating divorced guy children

It’s been forever since I’ve written for Clevered Fool.com… I will say though, I’ve seen some really crazy shit happening in Puerto Rico lately.

Oh, and of course, paying endless child support – and being delinquent on them – is sort of a tribal ritual to be proud of for Puerto Rican men; I am so very sorry guys, but after that many kids and baby-mamas, your dick does us all a favor and it should just fall off, really – or better yet it should be ostracized from society!

After that many dips, the guy is tainted, so it’s extremely rare to find a guy with no baggage here.

and a car in your car so you can drive while you drive.

After all that, no wonder some Puerto Rican men can’t even afford a happy meal… Just tell ‘em Puerto Rican men about that word, and you’ll get this a response that will much resemble something like this…

As long as everything you’re saying is in Spanish, I don’t care… It feels like I’m riding Antonio Banderas when these Puerto Rican men do their (Editor’s Disclaimer: Our girl Madonna does NOT hate Puerto Rico…