Psychological effects of dating abuse adult dating chatt

A fact sheet on dating abuse, published by Pediatric Partners on a website titled All About Children, points out the health risks that stem from abusive dating relationships.

Most obvious are physical injuries from physical violence.

Sex before age 14 predisposes teens toward abusive dating relationships.

According to an article from the Children’s Safety Network titled “Teen Dating Violence as a Public Health Issue,” perpetrators have been linked with fighting with peers and suicidal behaviors.

Another finding from research studies concerns the effect of early sexual experiences.

The above information is courtesy of the National Youth Mental Health Foundation of Australia.

An online publication from the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada reported the emotional effect of dating violence varied by gender. However, both boys and girls who feared family violence and had friends in violent relationships were more upset.

These behaviors are equally likely to be imitated by girls and boys and the types of intrusive contacts are similar for both genders. For more information about Teen Dating Violence you can go to the Center for Disease Control “Teen Dating Violence” site or call the National Dating Abuse Helpline at 1-866-331-9474 and you will be connected 24/7 with an advocate trained to offer education, support and advocacy to those involved in dating abuse relationships as well as concerned friends, siblings, parents, teachers, law enforcement members and service providers.