Problem updating avast antivirus

It gets 2 stars for making me have to think so hard about rating it. Set-up took some time figuring all the options, but everything looked good to go.

problem updating avast antivirus-66

At the moment, it seems all users who have installed this version were affected.

And the company isn’t aware of the issue though reported in their forums by users, we suggest users to stay away from installing the latest version until the issue has been acknowledged and addressed by the Avast team.

To be honest, I didnt want to pay extra for PC Optimization (required for this program) and it is free... I can buy a much better, more robust, more proven Virus protection program for less money.

To be fair, the lack of documentation and not providing an up-front requirement that this is only a 30 day product is worthy of 1 star.

I tolerate Win7 on another system but have no desire to move to Win10.