Positive dating stories

I think that my high fitness has really helped me deal with the treatment – I keep telling the doctors that I'm super-human!

I'm still working full time and teaching several fitness classes in the evenings and weekends, as well as cycling and running whenever I can, so couldn't be better. Arne Vidar Røed, from Norway, who was a sailor and truck driver, is thought to have contracted HIV in Cameroon in the early Sixties. Health officials realise there is a disease sweeping the gay community.

'I grew up in a small Wiltshire village called West Tytherley and it was hard to keep any secrets – so in September 1997, two months after I was diagnosed HIV-positive, I decided to stop all the gossiping and make an announcement.

The silence afterwards was deafening, so I walked to the bar and ordered a JD and coke.

Those medics were amazingly supportive and reassuring from day one.

I knew very soon after being diagnosed that I wanted to as open and honest about my HIV as possible.

I wouldn't say I was relaxed about the prospect, but I really wasn't in a bad way.