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To me, the taste is a mixture of Seven-Up with something else, but no one likes it. This is the third time in a month and this bad taste continues.

It does not matter which store I buy from, the awful taste is the same. All bottles look same (size diff) finally noticed 16 oz., 200 calories, 16.9 oz., 210 calories and 20 oz., 250 calories. I get the calorie difference due to size of bottle but what's up with horrible taste? One of my favorite stores tells me that Pepsi Max is no longer available!!! My store has a Pepsi sale going on now, I actually had to choose something I don't want. Then, on Pepsi's site I see that someone complained about it being too sweet. I'm asking Pepsi Co to please continue making Pepsi Max.

It was tougher to be brave with bread and milk, but I convinced myself that worst-case scenario I was just eating penicillin and cheese.

I pictured a cracker with a square of brie and a pink capsule squished right into it and I thought “That’s not that bad.” And so it went.

I had lost approximately 1/3 of the soda cans to leakage.