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Anything further west and I roam on Alltel (yes, it is a divested area) But I have also heard stories of the Pre self checking for PRL updates, even though I've never seen it happen to mine Unofficial, unsupported, undocumented.....

When I am in Sioux Falls the coverage isn't bad but that is because I am between i29 and i90, and with Swiftel upgrading to Ev it is really nice!

ATT does have a larger roaming footprint, because they simply have many more towers of their own, so if you are next to a cornstalk, chances are ATT would have you covered, where other providers don't offer service at all.

just my observations from trips around the country and extensive traveling of all of the Chicago area, Sprint has solid coverage over ATT in most populated areas. But ATT in the local Chicago area suffers and their data network, especially mms, is horrendous.

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