Outlook hangs updating address book

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Since the release of Outlook 2011 for Mac, Apple has released four major versions of Mac OS X, Microsoft released Windows 8 and 8.1, and the Office team released Office 2013—not to mention the many changes and updates to Outlook Web App both for web browsers and mobile devices.

What’s in the new Outlook, and how does it stack up against its Windows cousin?

The Mac Outlook web page is confusing because it doesn’t make a clear distinction between the existing version of Outlook that’s included in Mac Office 2011 and the stand-alone, Office 365-only version.

The rest of the Office 2011 pages on Microsoft’s site refer to Outlook 2011, and the help and support pages for the new Outlook are all on the Office 365 site.

EWS support means that it can connect to Exchange 2010 SP2 and later (including the service), while IMAP support works with Gmail and other cloud services.