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This petition was down for a couple months, but as of 3/8/15 - is back again by request...The petition for Hollywood tabloid & paparazzi reform. It's up to you to change this ugly, hate-spewing part of our world.

They do this WHILE hiding behind 'Freedom of Speech' and 'Freedom of the Press'.

These patriotic things were intended to PROTECT the TRUTH about absolutely everything - not to lie to people in harmful ways that cause hate, chaos and reduce the quality of our lives.

This is actual Celebrity News: Melissa Mc Carthy punched Jason Bateman, gave him a bloody nose while filming 'Identity Theif' This is an offensive Celebrity/Fan assault: Is Beyonce Enjoying Sex More Now that She's a Mum?

This is actual Celebrity News: Damon 'hijacks' Kimmel's ABC show This is an offensive Celebrity/Fan assault: Has Gwyneth Paltrow Put Cameron Diaz on 'Sex Ban' to Help Her Settle Down?

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