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Robert Firestone, refers to as your "critical inner voice." For people who are depressed, this critical inner voice can have a powerful and destructive influence on their state of mind.It may be feeding them a distorted commentary on their lives: .Anger can be a hard emotion to deal with, but it is actually a natural human reaction to frustration.

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as well as other neurological and behavioral differences." Thus, whether it's based on biological factors or new social and academic demands, the vulnerability among younger people makes it all the more essential that we target depression earlier and more effectively.

Studieshave shown promising results to early intervention among school-age children who showcased symptoms of depression. There are a lot of great treatments out there that have proven effective for dealing with depression.

People experiencing a major depression really need professional treatment.

Depression is a mind/body issue and should be treated with the same self-compassion and treatment-seeking with which we would treat any major illness.

Mindfulness practices don't change our feelings or thoughts, but they do change our relationship to our feelings and thoughts.

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