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Motivate him to begin exercising to help lower his weight and his risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes and death.Schedule or arrange for a doctor's appointment for your loved one.

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Since currently 1/3 of all adults are considered obese, there's a good chance obesity affects you in an indirect way through friends and family members.

If someone you love is obese, the toll on his health can be devastating.

This is time consuming but altogether more rewarding as it... Unfortunately the users on the website are very unresponsive, the customer support is nonexistent ( I sent quite a few emails and received no response whatsoever!! (Read the full review) I have been a member of this site twice, having not quite learned my lesson the first time.

I put my lack of success the first time down to lack of effort on my behalf, and consequently fell for another...

Instead, help her set new, more attainable goals that you work on together.

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