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The result is a funny, warm depiction of romance and how people initially reacted to computers. And come on, it is kind of adorable to see Hanks and Ryan get so excited over AOL Mail. Amélie (2001) While photo booths aren’t exactly a recent tech improvement, it’s still pretty cool that the eponymous protagonist’s own epic romance begins at a photo booth. You log on to a home-swapping site and pretty much switch lifestyles with a stranger to get away from it all.

The leading ladies of The Holiday did that and ended up with guys as “insanely good-looking” as Jude Law and as charming and funny as Jack Black. Sometimes the internet doesn’t lead to meeting creepers or serial killers.

If you’re Cameron Diaz, you’ll totally meet Jude Law. License to Wed (2007) This one doesn’t use the internet as a way to bring people together.

In an interesting twist, technology is used to provide obstacles for an already committed couple.

For example, a deranged priest uses surveillance equipment to monitor Mandy Moore and John Krasinski’s relationship as part of a three-week program designed by the priest to determine if they are, in fact, ready to get married.

Also, you just have to watch the creepy robot babies scene. Wall-E (2008) It doesn’t matter that the stars of this movie aren’t ridiculously attractive human celebrities. It’s the epic love story between two pieces of technology.

Will they get together, or he be the one that got away?

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