Motorcycle dating certificate

So make sure you have proper documentation when you buy an import, or you'll get stung for VAT at best, or not be able to register the bike at worst as it may be a 'ringer' or illegal import. Alan As you correctly point out, getting a dating certificate is the easy bit.Like you, I had to convince HMRC that a US import I had should go on the NOVA database. If it's not on the NOVA database you will not get it registered. IF YOU ARE BUYING AN UNREGISTERED IMPORT YOU MUST DEMAND CAST IRON PROOF THAT THE BIKE IS ON THE DATABASE. In spite of what some people may say there is no shortage of Suzuki GT bikes.i too would take a picture of that one and send it also,you are going to get a letter headed piece of paper back confirming the year of manufacture of your machine from N. so count on around the thirty pound mark in total,cheap ehh,? I joined the aircooled forum purely to obtain this certificate, i just hope i didnt waste my time and money.

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Of course to get a test cert, it has to be finished and running so that's a few weeks away yet, but nearly there.

I understand the reason for all this is because some folks were fetching container loads of bikes over as 'spares' so didn't pay VAT, then sold the bikes (and cars) on for rebuilds.

register an imported motorcycle from outside mainland u.k.

who doesent have a log book/title document from the country of origin will require proof of "year of manufacture" in letter form for the DVLA as part of your "Application To Register" ,part to ensure it receives an age related Registration number, it would seem of late that u.k. being one of them., so you may wish to try the following who are quite sensible with what they charge for this service, North Leicester Motorcycles Tel 01530-263381need to send an E-Mail to a lady in their Offices called Barbara who deals with this, her e-mail address is as follows i believe she is not a full time member of staff but im told she deals with these enquires on Tuesdays when she is in the office, e-mail as follows,[email protected] need to state Make, Model, Frame Number, believed year of manufacture is of course going to help ,engine numbers are optional the DVLA require only a mandatory frame number to register an imported motorcycle engine numbers are irrelivant for u.k.

Applications must be submitted on form V765 and signed by the keeper of the vehicle agreeing to the terms and conditions of the V765 scheme.