Cuckold hubby dating sites - Mixed dating signals

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From petty, immature games like varying text response times, skipping the promised call or not showing up on time to more grave and serious behavioral patterns like leaving your friend’s party midway, without notice or flipping out at the mere mention of some more involvement, when you were talking ‘love’ the previous moment, are all signs that may make you want to reconsider the dynamic betwixt you. The sex syndrome Mixed signals from men also come from a desire for the ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement.

Try and probe matters to uncover the reasons behind such a treatment. Guys would like to have all the perks of a relationship minus the emotional commitment.

I mean, how often do you find yourself keen to pursue somebody who is shooting those interest-darts in your direction and the very next moment, not even giving you a glance?

If such is the game spread on the table, your only move should be to play along.

Not sure if he’s stringing you along or is open to something concrete in the future?