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So we were 14- and 15-years-old doing scenes from The Destiny of Me and Angels in America, and would go to forensics competitions with other high schools and they’d be like, “Whoa! ” (Laughs) I did a one-off episode of The New Normal for Ryan Murphy, and that was the first time I played a gay role.

But this is really my first real role in a film where I got to play gay that was not elective.

It’s shattering to watch Felix’s deterioration as his body succumbs to the effects of AIDS.

(Bomer lost an astonishing 40 pounds in order to more convincingly play Felix’s last days.) But it’s not just painful to watch Felix’s slow death because of the tragic circumstances on face value—death is sad—but because of the emotional investment you have in his relationship with Ned.

"i wouldn't have a lot of the rights i have today if it wasn't for people like larry." bomer, who came out himself in 2012, also revealed that he married his longtime boyfriend simon halls.