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But is all the death and suffering really worth it?Taking place in feudal England, Cody's family comes from a long line of farmers who work the land belonging to the Di Biase family.Fun and chaos ensues as they find out just how much fun magic could bring to the rigours and punishment of life on the road with WWE. Mais un soir, il rencontre John et ses barrières s'effondrent peu à peu.

Mike was perfectly happy with his life: he had a gorgeous girlfriend, loads of friends who loved watching wrestling and football with him at his house, and a job at Mr.

Hero's that paid for his car and dates with Maryse. That is, until his friends invite him to a local comedy act's show. But when his mom moves in with a richer man who has a child of his own things take a turn for the better.

In the first part, John Cena along with his girlfriend Nikki Bella visit his father John Cena Sr. ends up comforting Nikki Bella in a surprising way.

In part two, The Miz returns to his parents house to have a festive cookout with his parents along with his wife Maryse.

Together, and often with The Shield (& others) in tow, they cause mayhem but they have a ton of fun in the process.