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Brides wear a silver crown with silver charms hanging all around it so that when she walks the charms make a tinkling sound that wards off evil spirits, which have been known to cause havoc with newlyweds. The gold coin is to be placed in her right shoe and her father also gives her a silver coin to put in her left shoe, to insure that the bride will never be poor.

Following the wedding ceremony, the couple break plates into as many pieces as possible as more pieces mean a more successful marriage and an infant is placed upon the couple’s wedding bed symbolizing fertility.

If it is not, the couple will get no dowry, inheritance or help of any kind from the bride’s parents.

The engagement lasts for six months and consists of an exchange of rings in silk scarves, which is considered a binding legal agreement.

This was followed by the binding of their hands by a priest, who then declared them married.