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Until around his B-Day which is March 10 and he started slipping away and then he would be distant off and on throughout the year and then around Oct we really became close again and for the rest of the year until Dec2009. I would always stopped whatever I was doing to help him and be with him and I believe that was my mistake in this relationship.

I would loan him money and he would always pay me back with no problems, he was needy in a lot of ways but I didn't mind helping him because he had lost 2 important people in his life and I knew he needed me or someone to have his back.

I'm a bit disheartened by the number of naysayers about the Pisces/Libra combo, because I see a lot of potential in it.

I think in my case, it may be a bit easier as I am a Leo in both my Ascendant and Moon.

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