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I think that anything that excessive can’t be good. It’s funny, in New York this is a common conversation topic, it’s like “So, what’s going on? ” In France, who you’re dating is definitely not something that you put on your resume.

Personally, I find that too much freedom gives me anxiety. Marina: Speaking of which, don’t you feel like in New York, part of dating is about who you are, where you live, where you work, how many Instagram followers you have…

When we finally did talk again, deciding to be friends because after all it would be silly not to, I was with Perfect Paul and he was with this girl, a singer. As he laughed at our terrible karaoke of Lady Marmalade and we slung back a few more drinks, I lost some inhibitions. Going a year without seeing someone, you forget how they smell and how they taste. I demanded that he never talk to me again because obviously we can’t be ‘just friends.’ The silence didn’t last very long, though. It was a few months later and we were ‘friends’ again. He’d come over to my house and hang out, listen to records, talk about relationships, that sort of thing.

I guess mixing alcohol and singing anything Christina Aguilera will do that to you. It really seemed like we had a solid, genuine friendship.

We’re coming up on five years of an on-and-off love affair, and it’s completely convoluted.