Koreans and dating

Particularly if you're a college student, obligations like studying and employment start to take over and dating becomes a luxury you can't really afford. Let me explain: Meetings are an integral part of Korea's campus culture.

But fret not, for Korea's dating culture has responded with an ingenious solution: "Meetings." No, these aren't meetings in any conventional sense of the word. In a meeting, a mediator introduces his or her group of friends to another group of friends of the opposite gender.

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Of course, there are instances where people receive what are called "Afters," or follow-up calls from a person who's interested.

But for the most part, people take meetings to be very casual get-togethers.

Many lovers of K-Dramas probably saw this a couple of times.

For example, a flashback scene in 'Gentleman's Dignity,' with the four men sitting opposite three unattractive ladies until lo and behold, one beauty comes in late, grabbing all of the attention.

More specifically, let's get into Gwa-tings, or department meetings.