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Davis went on to break a national football record and I was able to cheer him on in the stands every game.

We went through so many stages of life together, it is hard to remember a time when Davis wasn’t my best friend.

Davis and I met when we were just twelve years old.

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At this point in time not many people had cell phones and so Davis and I would email back and forth.

I look back on those emails and laugh at the amount of times we ask who each other likes and how many times we answer with “I’ll tell you if you tell me”.

Keep in mind this is fifth grade and I was the new girl in school.

Not the new girl that everyone wants to be friends with, but more the weird one that showed up in a pink camo backpack and pigtails.

In middle school sports aren’t that relevant so when I went to my first high school football game and heard Davis’ name over the intercom more times than I can count, I realized I really needed to learn more about football.