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During her senior year she began arguing with her parents, who wanted her to attend college, because she wanted to become a professional actress.Her first appearance on television was as an extra on a Chicago White Sox commercial, and she was then signed with several Chicago talent agencies.

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The release says: "Returning to the new season are Kathy's 'peeps' assistant Tiffany Rinehart, tour manager Tom Vize, her beloved mom Maggie and her unruly dogs Chance and Pom Pom." So why did Jessica quit working for Kathy??????

"Jessica had just had enough of Kathy," an insider told us at the time. She couldn't take it anymore." Kathy Griffin, diva - and a liar!

In 2009, she released her autobiography Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin.

Griffin has taped numerous standup specials with HBO and Bravo.

Kathy Griffin thinks her assistant are more famous then her. In this LALATE story, Tom Vize gets first billing, Kathy second. But St Louis is furious about Kathy Griffin / Bravo’s promotion of tonight’s St Louis episode. So that Kathy can do background checks on assisants Tiffany Rinehart and Tom Vize.