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During the talk, his re-election was referred to as almost a foregone conclusion. “It’s a good thing that when I blush, y’all can’t tell.” Finally, the mayor gave an answer to what he would like to do after finishing his second term as mayor.

“I want to help build a (Democratic) party,” Reed said.

“But its going to be bipartisan because of the legislative districts.” Reed also acknowledged that President Barack Obama did not follow his advice to try to put Georgia in play in the 2012 election.

And there’s no guarantee that what happens in Florida stays in Florida so be vigilant…

Atlanta is the 8th most dangerous city in America, although crime rates are dropping and do vary dramatically by neighborhood. Injecting some horrible street drug made from lighter fluid, pop rocks, and butter D). Not Mississippi red, but still a Republican stronghold.

Does culinary innovation, diversity, and a mild climate sound preferable to your current location?

For thousands of people, Atlanta is the Siren of the South, a dynamic city promising opportunity and a great quality of life. Here are 31 things to consider before moving to Atlanta… According to the Daily Beast, Atlanta is #1 on its list of “Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012.” And even though 2012 is in the past, how much could things have changed?

“Georgia has already done that,” Reed said of Thurbert Baker, who was elected to as the state’s Attorney General before deciding to run for governor; and of Michael Thurmond, who was the state’s Labor Commissioner until he decided to run for the U. And currently every one of the state’s constitutional officers are white male Republicans.