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Starting in 1976, a ,000 winner would return at the end of the next week's show and try to identify one more "Mystery Tune" for a 0,000 cash prize.On the 1977 daytime version, each tune was worth 0 in prizes, and all seven won ,500 in prizes.

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The player with the most money after four tunes wins the game and goes on to the bonus game called "The Golden Medley".

In the De Witt era, when there was a tie (not possible under the first scoring scheme, except at 0-0), both players played as a team.

This rule was changed about halfway through the Lange run, the spaces on the wheel were now worth between $250 and $1,000, but the wheel was spun only once and the money was awarded to whomever won the round.

In three of the five pilot shows, the contestants spun the wheels themselves to determine their own fate, one contestant manned the inner wheel, and the other spun the outer.

Naming all seven tunes in 30 seconds won the entire prize package, plus (starting in 1976) the chance to return to the show in a later episode (or episodes) in an attempt to win the $100,000 grand prize.