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He’s often the joker, full of banter, telling funny stories and playing pranks. Pitt was photographed boarding a private jet on Thursday as she finds herself back in the spotlight of public fascination over how she feels about the situation regarding her ex husband.

Okay, here we go – I don’t know how many times Gerard Butler has denied this rumor in the past, but it seems we’re in for another round of “Are they dating already?

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It has to be well worth your time for you to stay," Aniston assures the host.

There’s no doubt that Jennifer Aniston and her beau Justin Theroux make one happy couple.

Pop Eater notes their “awkward body language” as possible evidence that “there is something going on between them two of them.” as saying that the Golden Globes were… Gerry said: “I had 16 spontaneous orgasms and I don’t know why.” What’s the verdict on her dress, by the way? It’s an interesting design, with the one-shoulder and slit.

The fit was great, but Jennifer usually gets a good fit on her dresses.

If you've stood in a supermarket checkout line lately, you know that the celebrity tabloids are eager to get Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux married -- when they're not breaking the couple up, or falsely claiming Aniston is pregnant.