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After four seasons, more than 85 episodes and the formation of four major Disney stars, “Austin & Ally” is coming to an end.

The popular kids sitcom airs its series finale on Sunday, Jan. Premiering in December 2011, the music genre comedy created by tween TV vets Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert made stars of the titular characters Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, who spent much of the series as an on-and-off couple, creating a passionate fan base that followed the cast’s every move, both on and off the screen.

How have the actors changed since the show premiered? Of course, they’ve matured and watching them grow into the amazing people they are has been incredible. We remember each of “the Core Four” having great auditions.

We always call them the “kids,” but we mean that as a totally affectionate term. We like to spend some time talking to actors and getting a feel for them as people before they perform for us, and we really loved all of them out of the gate.

when Raini is with the Marano's, she finds a picture that will hurt their relationships with their boyfriends.