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In all of the destruction there was a silver lining for Franco.

When the film was eventually released on video-on-demand platforms it made m, making it by far the most successful film ever released online.

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Camera (color), Bruce Cheung; editor, Ian Olds; music, Tim O’Keefe; production designer, Kristen Adams; art decorators, Jerel Levanway, Eric Morrell; costume designer, Caroline Eselin; sound, Lisle Engel; assistant director, James Gerber; casting, Matthew Morgan.

It is hard now to conceive of the opening of a major film festival without James Franco appearing in at least one film.

He is arguably the hardest- working actor in showbusiness.

And when the Toronto Film Festival opens next week, the actor will be hoping that the talk will be centred once again on his Renaissance-man qualities and not the scandal that rocked Hollywood last year.

Published in 1929, Faulkner’s novel skips, stream-of-consciousness-style, through the calamitous history of the Compson clan, a once-noble Mississippi family gone to seed, with four sections told from four different perspectives, a structure Franco retains here.

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