dating site usage - Is chad ochocinco dating cheryl from dancing with the stars

When asked, there has never been out right denials or confirmations, but lots of chuckles. Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke ( Season 10) Since almost the beginning of the season, there have been many 'little hints' dropped...albeit mostly by Chad.

He has professed his love for Cheryl and there has been the, now famous, diamond ring.

Still, former co-star and professional dancer Louis van Amstel says the two women are too fat for the competition. Kim Kardashian harbors no hard feelings toward anyone on Dancing with the Stars.

Despite being voted off the show two weeks ago, the reality TV star recently spent a night on the town with past winner Kristi Yamguchi and current professional Cheryl Burke.

Is the obvious just a ploy to draw us in, so is it for real. Romance rumours are not something new for Cheryl, but a ring has never been involved before!