Invalidating the session in javascript

Using array names was impractical and problematic, so I implemented a splitting routine.

I do not serialize any class instances, just arrays and simple objects.

More importantly though, the cookie specification says that browsers need only accept 20 cookies per domain.

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The next request from the browser will have both cookies in the $_SERVER['HTTP_COOKIE'] variable, but only one of them will be found in the $_COOKIE variable.

Requests to subdom.will have both cookies, while browser request to or sends the cookie with the "value1hostonly" value.

3.48-22 Fixed: on Windows, fixed possible DLL local injection (Tunisian Cyber) Fixed: various typos 3.48-21: Fixed: Google RPMs use /usr/bin/google-chrome as program location (Cickumqt) Fixed: Fixed htsserver not dying (immediately) on quit.

New: Updated WIN32 Open SSL to 1.0.1j (Evgeniy) 3.48-20: Fixed: webhttrack incompatibility with Chrome 3.48-19: Fixed: assertion failure at htslib.c:3458 (strlen(copy Buff) == q Len) seen on Linux 3.48-18:3.48-18: Fixed: infamous crashes inside the DNS cache due to a corruption within the option structure (E.

If you don't want this, you can use You may also set array cookies by using array notation in the cookie name.