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While it's tempting to share every detail of your life with a person you think you could be in love with, that's exactly what the scammer is counting on.Be very wary if your new flame starts asking for your home address or what bank you use or asks for your credit card info.Once you are in contact with a scammer they will express strong emotions for you in a relatively short period of time.

5 lakhs) and for 14 people, the losses exceeded AUD 500,000 (roughly Rs. ACCC deputy chairman Delia Rickard said most people were reeled in by romance-based cons, with fraudsters making AUD 28 million (roughly Rs.

14 crores) by tricking people into sending money to a false admirer.

I know this sounds pretty obvious but you would be surprised at the skill of these Con men (yes many are men posing as women) and their ability to wrench sensitive information out of their unsuspecting victims.

Pay attention to both the profile picture and the user name.

The insidious thing about all of these scams is that they sound so plausible when delivered by an expert con artist.