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This infographic describes some results of the Digital Technology and Internet Use survey of 2012.

The survey focuses on the use of information and communications technologies, such as personal computers, mobile devices, and the Internet.

Also included are findings related to the Aboriginal identity of victims and accused persons, sex of victims of homicide, relationship types between accused persons and victims, and common methods of committing homicide.

The survey was undertaken to better understand how Canadians support individuals and communities on their own or through their involvement with charitable and non-profit organizations.

This infographic describes some results for the Digital Technology and Internet Use survey of 2013.

This infographic demonstrates how producer price indexes for goods and services are calculated and why they are important for the Canadian economy. The infographic is called Demographic Estimates, Census Metropolitan Areas – Canada, 2015 and is designed to inform readers about the latest demographic growth and aging trends at the Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) level.

This infographic highlights the Industrial Product Price Index (IPPI), the New Housing Price Index (NHPI), the Retail Services Price Index (RSPI) and the Accounting Services Price Index (ASPI). This infographic, entitled Family Violence in Canada, presents results from the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey and General Social Survey on victimization.

The survey also provides indicators of e-commerce and the use of websites.