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Millions of decent guys utilize online dating as a resource to find the "loves of their" lives, and there are countless success stories of people who have met lifelong partners online.

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With international dating you're putting yourself out there to meet people all over the world, so statistically your odds of finding someone compatible are much higher than dating only locally.

Many people will say that these women are only interested in marrying foreign men because it improves their standard of living.

Unfortunately, many men miss out on potentially meeting an amazing foreign woman because of some common myths that are floating around about international dating.

Many of these myths are outdated stories from the 1990s and others are the result of the relentless feminist propaganda against international dating.

They felt that a marriage should be based on mutual love and respect; and they wanted a man who would be able to provide the sort of emotional support that they felt was not easy to find among their own countrymen.

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