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Can you specify equivalent command for the same task?

update-rc.d updates the System V style init script links /etc/rcrunlevel.d/NNname whose target is the script /etc/init.d/name.

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The user-defined runlevels are those with an accompanying subdirectory: boot, default, nonetwork and single.

The boot runlevel starts all system-necessary services which all other runlevels use.

Usually, it will start the scripts in alphabetical order, but some scripts have dependency information in them, telling the system that another script must be run before they can be started. Again, it will use the alphabetical order to decide what script to run first, unless a script has dependency information in it, in which case the order is changed to provide a valid start-up sequence.

The latter is also the reason why commands used during the installation of Gentoo Linux used script takes care of the initialization, so one might say that init doesn't do much - it delegates the task of initializing the system to another process.

This process then makes sure that all filesystems (defined in , which will start the services needed in order to have a successfully booted system.